OCTOBER- 1-10-2017

I was supposed to leave on the 1st of October at midnight. Seeing as I had never been abroad before, I was nervous yet excited. The other two girls who were supposed to accompany me had visa issues, so it was just me and my family at the airport, but only until the entrance. Rewind […]

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Five months, Five stories?

Hello, all you wonderful readers out there! It’s waay past my bedtime, but I just realised I’ve been meaning to do this post before it is too late. So, I was in Germany for five months as part of my Erasmus programme, and I haven’t documented much, actually hardly anything about my experience. And since, […]

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Futuristic Coffee

A cup of Turkish coffee, With my future at stake, Was read the other night, By my futuristic friend. Few alphabets, and a number- That was all she saw in my cup and saucer. In ten minutes my future was revealed, And I became aware of the fruits I would yield. Yet, as I washed […]

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How’s it going?

I saw this buzzfeed video, this afternoon, wherein this man goes around the office trying to see if anyone truthfully answers to how’s it going? So, here I am answering his question. It’s going okay. I’m okay. This heat is getting to me, I seem to be getting more annoyed and impatient. College is going […]

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The finish line is far away

My mind is racing. There are so many thoughts competing for attention as I’m trying hard to sleep! I’m leaving Germany in a few days. The thought of that alone, has made me very very sad. Germans I have come across, are very punctual, and super kind. They only look intimidating, but they are not. […]

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Yes, the title is in caps lock because as much as I enjoy travelling, the one thing I dislike the most, is packing. I’ve been browsing YouTube videos but most of them show how to pack minimal stuff while going on a trip, or how to pack clothes without getting them wrinkled! I’m sat here […]

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Rummy and you

My friends and I were playing cards! My Spanish friend taught us this game called Culo(it supposedly means ass). We’ve been playing it for hours now ,and my friends took a break to go and smoke. Only two of us were sitting at the table. We were the nonsmokers. And I asked if he’d like […]

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