Hormone Talk

So this is going to be little long but I honestly need you guys to listen to thiss. Well, there’s this guy I think I like, or like like. And it’s been a while. Quite a while. I’ve known him for hmmm, couple of years now. But we started speaking abouuut a year ago? Or […]

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you were the flowers in spring that withered in autumn you were the rain that poured down on a sunny day you were like happiness and sadness you were like a charm but never part of my bracelet you were all the dark shades in my bright and colourful life you were like a storm […]

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I remember the day I was told that only one of you’ll could be saved; Not both- Only one can afford the treatment, Only one was fine physically, While the other was mentally; I remember standing outside the club, Listening to you say these words, And oh how it hurt, To know that we have […]

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Everything Everything

Well, my nose is flowing like Niagara falls and my head hurts and my eyes are watering. It’s a cold ladies and gentlemen. I had a super bad itchy sensation in my throat day before yesterday and there’s an instant home remedy for it. That I just thought I’d share with you guys! So this […]

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Fade away

Where will you be? When I’m shining bright, Or blooming well- When I stop crying, And smile swell, Where do I find you? Amongst the stars; Or amongst my mind, Where your memories lie? So beautiful and heartbreaking- That it won’t take me long, Before i realise that this pain, Will never truly go away, […]

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Fruitful Changes

I used to be a couch potato, still amĀ  occasionlly.I went through this binge eating phase for a good two years. It wasn’t until I noticed none of the clothes in my wardrobe fit me that it dawned on me. Something had to be done. I used to be fat shamed by my friends all […]

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Everyone has been talking about this lately, it’s all over social media- Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s a tv show that’s Netflix exclusive and is based off a book by Jay Asher. Thirteen Reasons why is about Hannah Baker, a 17 year old, who commits suicide but instead of leaving a suicide  note- she leaves 13 […]

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