To live?

Wow look at me blogging two days in a row. KZAM. How has your day been humans? My day was gooood. We had a guest lecture today on positive psychology by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania. And we did something called a thought experiment. Wherein, you just sit and let your mind do […]

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My classes at college have officially begun and it’s getting crazier everyday. Assignments are already being handed out, the teachers are rushing, the commotion is rising, and I, well let’s say I am trying to juggle it all right now. So today, during the English lecture, we were reading An Ode To Solitude by Alexander […]

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I don’t think I’m ready Neither physically nor mentally To recite the story All over again And relive the pain. I’m dreading the day I’m asked again To speak out loud About the pain All for their gain. It’s been three years Yet it feels so new The thought of it alone Makes my heart […]

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Just this once

I just finished watching transformers: the last knight and I am sad that it is over. All good things must come to an end, i know it, but it is Optimus Prime. What i liked the most about the entire movie, was the explanation as to how transformers came to the earth, we are also […]

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Let go

Give me one more day- One more hour at the least, I promise to show you, That this life is not worth giving up. Let me atleast give it a shot, And maybe then you can decide, If you want to let go, Or hold on to my hand. But now, all I can do […]

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Everything around me seems to be happening at lightening speed. I mean, in a flash, it’s all there, the solution, the clarity, next second- whoosh, gone. It’s getting uber stressful lately, to handle things whilst trying to be calm. I’m bubbling inside with soooo many things yet I can’t talk to anybody about it. I’m […]

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