The ambulance’s siren was loud The road was overfilled with a crowd Literate people, not moving an inch But as the siren grew louder People slowly dispersed Hoping a life would be saved Rather than welcomed-dead. Advertisements

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And that’s why..

I could write you letters, Expressing all this grief; But what purpose would that serve, For all I feel is guilt and anger and guilt. It’s a cycle, where the tyres often give out, And the spokes like my emotions- in constant motion This journey though, is hard and treacherous, But your memories are loving […]

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For the love of a Son

 For the love of a son by Jean Sassoon is a autobiographical account of an Afghan woman’s quest for her child.. I have Princess by the same author and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This though, is different, the protagonist is not cloaked, there are legitimate pictures shown, yet the plot.. the plot leaves you speechless. […]

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Universal Donor

My college has blood donation camps every year. Last year, I was underage. This year, I forgot the due date but that was until I walked out of the cafeteria and saw the van, and then people and posters-all screaming blood donation.  I dislike injections. But I was sooo enthusiastic about wanting to donate blood, […]

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Just like you

Disappointment? Anger? What is this feeling Where I’m so upset Yet my face, so blank Took me two hours To make the cake Wash the dishes Leave no stain Because it’s her birthday I thought I’d surprise her Yet when I gave her a piece to taste What I got asked first is How many […]

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I’m wondering What would be different If you were here with us today Would we be happy Or busy hoping you get well Paying your medical bills Same old arguments- Or would it be a happy household Where there’d be peace- I wish i knew how it would be For you’re off to eternity And […]

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To live?

Wow look at me blogging two days in a row. KZAM. How has your day been humans? My day was gooood. We had a guest lecture today on positive psychology by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania. And we did something called a thought experiment. Wherein, you just sit and let your mind do […]

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