Smile away!

Hiii. I am close to calling it a day, and putting off my assignment for tomorrow. The submission is tomorrow. I am living on the edge lately. But but, today. i am extremely happy. Because in dance class today, the teacher said that i did very well, and it shows that I have practiced (which i did, excuse me). ALSO, she said because i was smiling, she did not notice if i made any mistakes haha.

So smile away, dear reader. Life shall be smooth sailing from there on. Every storm has to pass. I feel mine just did. I aspire to enter 2020, sounds nice too- content and happy. The new job is going well so far, I have been writing SO much, my brain sometimes gets fried. But i feel, with each article,  my speed and understanding of how the article should flow is increasing. That’s a plus.

ALSO my baking page on instagram is lethargicbaker 

Please drop by to shower me with some support haha. That’s all for today. Gooooodnight!

Image credit: Lim Heng Swee/ found on pinterest.

image credit- Noni may blog

november has come

with exceptional news!!!! I got a part time job. woot woot. I am currently feeling very giddy and over the moon, thinking about that little extra income at the end of the month. Also, how was halloween you guys? I went dressed as Frida Kahlo. It went well! Felt very nice too, had a whole new level of confidence in me.

LILLIPUTIAN is’s word of the day. How is thaaat. Check it out! It  Seems to have a different pronunciation than what I always imagined. I also have my holidays going on. A few assignment submissions are there this week, then I am free free free. I have been binge watching Dr.House, and Castle. These detective shows are making me very skeptical yet observant about daily life. I also started a baking page on instagram, to just utilise all that masterchef knowledge I have gained over the years.

Other than all of this, I cannot believe november is already here! Why is time getting ahead of me? But two more months to make good use of this year! I shall let things take their course, but also have lot of fun before we ring in 2020. Happy Fall! Have a wonderful month ahead!!!


Hercules is withering

and my heart is breaking. Hercules is a cactus my friends gifted me for my birthday. They have a specific name for this type, its green with a red bulb on top. first, it was over watered, then I changed the pot, place, but doesn’t look like he will make it.

I have always liked cacti, but have never been allowed to have one at home. Since this was a gift, there was no going back. So I am very sad about my plant right now. Other than that, my exams and holidays are happening next week! I have also been studying like i must, but procrastinating too. The balance is a little hard to find. Also, heard the new BTS song ft Lauv, and all I could think of is, their collaborations and music is just GROWING. I have been thinking of attending one of their concerts soon, maybe I should write that down!

I have a 3 hour class tomorrow, that I am wondering if it is worth attending. The distance- the traffic- the attention, I could go on. Also fell on my knees while trying out this new kpop “jopping” step inspired by the latest band SuperM. My knees hurt but i got the step the second time around. It has been an eventful and extremely social week. OH, I also watched Weathering with you, the latest anime movie. It was super nice! A simple plot but very very wholesome content.

That’s all. I am going to brood over Hercules now. He would have looked like the featured image soon enough.. Hope nothing at your end is withering away!


hiiiii. i am currently cruising through life. My post grad classes are going well, I grew a year older!! I joined a dating app- I know, who would have thought? I also started a baking page on instagram!!! I am famous you guys- 12 followers already haha.

I also got a crazy haircut, that took my circles by storm. But I feel so much more confident, so much more.. me I guess. I honestly, just feel well  content! My sister and I played her newly invented game- feel good time. Wherein, you play a song and then just say things you like about the opposite person back and forth for the duration of the song. Please feel free to have your own spin on it.. We played another game wherein we spoke about things we dislike about the opposite person.. my carefree attitude was subject to question. I can be way toooo nonchalant at times.. which is occasionally good but not all the time. So i aspire to work on that this year.

I am going for a concert soon toooo! so excited!!! Other than that, I went out on a date and it went well!!! I am slipping on all of his buttery chatter!! I have had a lot of firsts these past few weeks, and the new experiences seem to be shaping me in the tiniest ways possible. I am also reading Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller!!! and every time i put the book down, my mind is still back on the beaches outside Troy, in the tent waiting for Achilles to return from the raid- it’s very very difficult to put it down. Her style of writing is fabulous!!! Got my exam schedule today, got to go get this degree!!!

I am learning about so many new and interesting concepts in the cognitive psychology class! did you know mirror neurons cause you to yawn when you see someone else do it? And about how, so many people waste their cognitive resources and repent later in life. If you can do it, do it today. Live for today, great hopes for tomorrow. I humbly request you to please touch allllll the wood you see around you, because I don’t want to face any storms just yet. Here’s wishing you smooth sailing too dear reader.

how do you swing your bat?

i guess, i need to vent. i recently asked my mum if i had ever explicitly said i want to be so and so, when i grow up. turns out, i did not. i see people younger than me, who just have their ambitions set and work towards it. then, i find solace in seeing people older than me, still figuring out their lives.

but in between that, there is me. a fresh graduate, with an ambition, but a confused and anxious mind. I did not apply overseas, because it is bloody expensive. I did apply to three colleges in my city. I did not make the cut for the first one, the second one i had an interview, that went well, i assume. the last one, was a spur of the moment decision,i gave the exam, and hey i made the cut!!! but on the flip side, the crowd at the college is not great. pardon me, i am not discriminating but wouldn’t you want your last two years of college to be full of people you can gel with, rather than at a place where you don’t understand the language being spoken around you. My main fear is the medium of instruction in the classroom. I still have hopes pinned on the second college, but honestly at this point I don’t know.

i am also getting frustrated just sitting at home, not doing much  anything. i toyed with the idea of a gap year, i toyed with the idea of just travelling, i thought and thought about what to do, but there never seems to be clarity. which is all the more frustrating. and i feel the frustration radiate at home, and that is just terrible. what do you when life is throwing curveballs at you, one after the other, but you have forgotten how to swing your bat?

Set Sail

The entrance exam went well.. i think. The results will come out anytime this week and I am worried. i have been looking at volunteer opportunities, anything- if i don’t make the cut. But on the flip side, considering my positive spreeee, what if i do make it? that would be cool, but expectations also lead to disappointments, so I am currently tethering on the edge.

Waiting can get tiresome.. I started drawing Mandalas the other day, and it felt oddly therapeutic. I am not the artist in the family, but the mandalas were actually pretty cool. guess what i learnt though? the same mandala could not be replicated, i just could not figure out how… So I was manada-ling my weekend away and reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. It is fascinating to read about the white house about how she tries to navigate her life..

Other than that, life is going on, I don’t feel like my future is docked anymore, the sail has begun, just the destination is unknown.

by the way

I have come a long way..

from roses to tulips,

from white to yellow,

from lipbalm to lipsticks,

from boredom to podcasts,

to video editing,

from sulking to enjoying,

from jealousy to admiration,

from 4 years ago to now;

I am a whole new person,

with a whole new mindset.

and I am happy,

by the way.


VPhoto by heni noviyanti on Unsplash