Hercules is withering

and my heart is breaking. Hercules is a cactus my friends gifted me for my birthday. They have a specific name for this type, its green with a red bulb on top. first, it was over watered, then I changed the pot, place, but doesn’t look like he will make it.

I have always liked cacti, but have never been allowed to have one at home. Since this was a gift, there was no going back. So I am very sad about my plant right now. Other than that, my exams and holidays are happening next week! I have also been studying like i must, but procrastinating too. The balance is a little hard to find. Also, heard the new BTS song ft Lauv, and all I could think of is, their collaborations and music is just GROWING. I have been thinking of attending one of their concerts soon, maybe I should write that down!

I have a 3 hour class tomorrow, that I am wondering if it is worth attending. The distance- the traffic- the attention, I could go on. Also fell on my knees while trying out this new kpop “jopping” step inspired by the latest band SuperM. My knees hurt but i got the step the second time around. It has been an eventful and extremely social week. OH, I also watched Weathering with you, the latest anime movie. It was super nice! A simple plot but very very wholesome content.

That’s all. I am going to brood over Hercules now. He would have looked like the featured image soon enough.. Hope nothing at your end is withering away!

Nocturnal? Oui.

It is 2am and I think I am having a caffeine rush. I could probably have a stare off with an owl right now. I recently began watching NCIS and where has it been all this while?? I am hooked!!!! I am learning about biology, forensics, everything from these 45 minute episodes.

I wonder if watching too many crime shows makes you analyse every aspect of your life more? That would be a cool research topic though. My post graduate classes are going well so far, it’s assignment season. I am trying to stay afloat. I got bored swiping on this dating app, and now I am fixated onĀ Of course there is someone out there for you. there is someone for each one of us. Being a greek myth geek- ah ha! I also just want to believe we live our life, searching for our other half- literally.

I don’t think this person is making much of an effort in finding me though. So unfortunate. Anyway, other than that there is nothing out of the blue happening. My horoscope suggests I lie low for a while, so i am off to hibernate.

Image courtesy: Patrick J. Endres/AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com