Okay, Let’s face it.

Few years ago.. my ideals of a relationship were all shaped by the ones I saw around me. One that was possessive, every minute of every day was to be reported. Another, wherein there were just no communication- the concept of space was exaggerated. Or one from the fairy tale I was engrossed in, or I was just looking for my very own Percy Jackson! And mine, a mixture of these along with naivety.

Today.. what constitutes a relationship for me, is not something I see around me. It’s just what comes my way.. probably being a non vegetarian is a definite criteria haha. Other than though, I have come to realize, I don’t want a percy jackson, nor do I want dysfunctional relationships to guide my thought process. My latest mantra is- Live for today, great hopes for tomorrow.

Life is short. Face it, you don’t know how different the next hour of your life is going to be.  So I am sat here.. leaving my assignment and the boy on my mind aside to just assess how my mindset has changed. I’ve been giving people all this advice, not realizing that I myself have been applying it all a little everyday.

Feels like I am concluding some weird motivational talk. But honestly, take everything one step at a time. There is no rush, until you believe there is.


Image by: Christine Pym

Source: Pinterest.

by the way

I have come a long way..

from roses to tulips,

from white to yellow,

from lipbalm to lipsticks,

from boredom to podcasts,

to video editing,

from sulking to enjoying,

from jealousy to admiration,

from 4 years ago to now;

I am a whole new person,

with a whole new mindset.

and I am happy,

by the way.


VPhoto by heni noviyanti on Unsplash