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november has come

with exceptional news!!!! I got a part time job. woot woot. I am currently feeling very giddy and over the moon, thinking about that little extra income at the end of the month. Also, how was halloween you guys? I went dressed as Frida Kahlo. It went well! Felt very nice too, had a whole new level of confidence in me.

LILLIPUTIAN is’s word of the day. How is thaaat. Check it out! It  Seems to have a different pronunciation than what I always imagined. I also have my holidays going on. A few assignment submissions are there this week, then I am free free free. I have been binge watching Dr.House, and Castle. These detective shows are making me very skeptical yet observant about daily life. I also started a baking page on instagram, to just utilise all that masterchef knowledge I have gained over the years.

Other than all of this, I cannot believe november is already here! Why is time getting ahead of me? But two more months to make good use of this year! I shall let things take their course, but also have lot of fun before we ring in 2020. Happy Fall! Have a wonderful month ahead!!!


Hercules is withering

and my heart is breaking. Hercules is a cactus my friends gifted me for my birthday. They have a specific name for this type, its green with a red bulb on top. first, it was over watered, then I changed the pot, place, but doesn’t look like he will make it.

I have always liked cacti, but have never been allowed to have one at home. Since this was a gift, there was no going back. So I am very sad about my plant right now. Other than that, my exams and holidays are happening next week! I have also been studying like i must, but procrastinating too. The balance is a little hard to find. Also, heard the new BTS song ft Lauv, and all I could think of is, their collaborations and music is just GROWING. I have been thinking of attending one of their concerts soon, maybe I should write that down!

I have a 3 hour class tomorrow, that I am wondering if it is worth attending. The distance- the traffic- the attention, I could go on. Also fell on my knees while trying out this new kpop “jopping” step inspired by the latest band SuperM. My knees hurt but i got the step the second time around. It has been an eventful and extremely social week. OH, I also watched Weathering with you, the latest anime movie. It was super nice! A simple plot but very very wholesome content.

That’s all. I am going to brood over Hercules now. He would have looked like the featured image soon enough.. Hope nothing at your end is withering away!

Everything is flowing.. going

I met my favorite teacher from college the other day. I was elated thinking she is back here to teach again, turns out she just came to bid farewell to everyone. But we got to chat a little. I updated her on my life, class, everybody. She said i seemed happy. I told her I am content. Everything is flowing, going on at its own pace. There’s no rush.

I am also finally getting a hang of time management. woot woot. I did all my laundry today,phew. I am also almost on top of my assignment submissions. I have long holidays coming up, so I am over the moon altogether hehe. I also have my dance exam coming up, for which i have finally started putting in much more of an effort. I keep thinking of all the time, money and energy that  has gone into these classes, and I don’t want to let myself down. I have also discovered that i have hyper flexible arms. AND that I am more prone to injuries, especially fractures more than anybody. I blame it on my genes!!!

Another thing to look forward to is a concert that is coming up! But before that there are exams I must tend to, notes I must complete and practice. Practice maketh man perfect and content in the long run. OHHH, i forgot, this boy- I am an official adult and all that but in the matters of the heart I still feel like a school girl. Excuse me. Anyway, this boy from class said that he is interested in me. And i ended up doing, what i do best, stir the conversation to a different topic altogether. He called me out on that too. I went off this dating app I was on, because it was disappointing and boring.

In these 70’s movies, the whole concept of falling for someone is so quick. SO smooth too. Plus it’s all a face to face confrontation, no grey area. Nada. While texting someone or over the phone, the same effect isn’t there I feel. Also these days are just zooming past me, they need to chill and take it real slow.

Nocturnal? Oui.

It is 2am and I think I am having a caffeine rush. I could probably have a stare off with an owl right now. I recently began watching NCIS and where has it been all this while?? I am hooked!!!! I am learning about biology, forensics, everything from these 45 minute episodes.

I wonder if watching too many crime shows makes you analyse every aspect of your life more? That would be a cool research topic though. My post graduate classes are going well so far, it’s assignment season. I am trying to stay afloat. I got bored swiping on this dating app, and now I am fixated on Of course there is someone out there for you. there is someone for each one of us. Being a greek myth geek- ah ha! I also just want to believe we live our life, searching for our other half- literally.

I don’t think this person is making much of an effort in finding me though. So unfortunate. Anyway, other than that there is nothing out of the blue happening. My horoscope suggests I lie low for a while, so i am off to hibernate.

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Okay, Let’s face it.

Few years ago.. my ideals of a relationship were all shaped by the ones I saw around me. One that was possessive, every minute of every day was to be reported. Another, wherein there were just no communication- the concept of space was exaggerated. Or one from the fairy tale I was engrossed in, or I was just looking for my very own Percy Jackson! And mine, a mixture of these along with naivety.

Today.. what constitutes a relationship for me, is not something I see around me. It’s just what comes my way.. probably being a non vegetarian is a definite criteria haha. Other than though, I have come to realize, I don’t want a percy jackson, nor do I want dysfunctional relationships to guide my thought process. My latest mantra is- Live for today, great hopes for tomorrow.

Life is short. Face it, you don’t know how different the next hour of your life is going to be.  So I am sat here.. leaving my assignment and the boy on my mind aside to just assess how my mindset has changed. I’ve been giving people all this advice, not realizing that I myself have been applying it all a little everyday.

Feels like I am concluding some weird motivational talk. But honestly, take everything one step at a time. There is no rush, until you believe there is.


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what’s the rush anyway?

Lot of things seem to be happening all at once. I am growing up and currently adulting. Doing bank work and adding numbers. I also got into a college you guys!!!! I am going to be doing my masters, and feel over the moon. That is also mainly because for the past few months  years, every time someone asked me- what are your plans for the future?

I would almost stutter and vaguely say- I still have time to decide, I am browsing options.. I am taking it one step at a time. But today!!!! My dentist asked me how college was, and I said Great,it starts soon. Doing my Masters in I/O psychology. MENTALLY, I was flying-high up in the sky. There has also been a weird surge in my sass and confidence. I’m being poetic yet practical.

Finished reading Forty Rules Of Love by Elif Shafak and I feel calm. Almost as though, I have come to understand, why and how the universe does what it does. It may be a fleeting calmness, but for now- I am flipping my hair and just soaking in the last few days of my vacation.

From the past three years of doing my bachelors, dear reader, I have learnt that patience is a virtue, few lack, few oppose with impulsiveness, and a tiny group of those, who learn the art at a formidable pace. But what’s the rush anyway?