For the love of a Son

 For the love of a son by Jean Sassoon is a autobiographical account of an Afghan woman’s quest for her child.. I have Princess by the same author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This though, is different, the protagonist is not cloaked, there are legitimate pictures shown, yet the plot.. the plot leaves you speechless. You wish and imagine different scenarios, hoping for the best, but when you turn the page, disappointment greets you.

Her quest is so inspiring, her spirit everlasting, yet her experiences are traumatizing. The story keeps you engaged and interested right from the beginning. Maryam- the protagonist had a rebellious nature from childhood, but this journey from that stage up until adulthood, the people, the places, it is all so fascinating to read. Almost like reading her personal journal. She narrates the entire story.

There’s love, there’s hate, there’s rape, but the patriotism that is portatyed, their love for their motherland leaves you wondering.. if you yourself are as patriotic to this country that has sheltered you, and is less chaotic. It’s a little historical in certain ways as well, the change in Afghanistan is spoken of, from tribes ruling to the Russians invading.

The things I’ve learnt from Maryam Khail, is what an asset patience can be. For people who believe in that supreme power, never to lose faith. Her perseverance throughout this quest is remarkable and inspirational. Never give up. Every situation no matter how bad, has a solution

Maryam Kahil never gave up on her goal-dream of finding her son-contacting him and neither should we, we mortals living this sheltered life, not experiencing half of what has adversely affected other people and countires. Wait– be patient, every thunderstorm is temporary, and makes way for sunshine in the end. 


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