Universal Donor

My college has blood donation camps every year. Last year, I was underage. This year, I forgot the due date but that was until I walked out of the cafeteria and saw the van, and then people and posters-all screaming blood donation. 

I dislike injections. But I was sooo enthusiastic about wanting to donate blood, I went and filled out the registration form. I had second thoughts even after finishing the registration.

Will it hurt? And la di da da. I finished registering, checked my weight and then haemoglobin level. She pricked my ring finger, took blood put in some sort of green liquid and then ushered me to go get my BP checked. My blood pressure- normal. 

They then gave me a pouch and directed me to the chairs where donors were already present. Their chairs were also red, can you imagine. I was then asked to lie down partially and the doctor began looking for my nerve. I asked her, you’ll prick it only once, right?  No. Two three times, she said and I was speechless. Then she said just joking. Hehe. She shouldn’t scare her patients like that!!!! 

Do you’ll know how fat that needle is that they prick and put in the nerve? It’s not like our normal slim and turn injection needles. Now i sound like someone advertising for a modelling agency.  But yes,  350ml of my blood stashed away for people. It’ll be used for three people, the plasma for one, and the other two divisions for others. I was given coffee, biscuits and an apple to eat, right after! I even got a badge saying Blood Donor. 

Honestly, after seeing all that blood I did feel this new sense of joy. It was overwhelming yet satisfying to know I’ve contributed to a good cause. 

Some facts I learnt:

  1. AB blood type is the universal recipient
  2. There must be a three month gap between the donations.
  3. People with AIDs and other diseases cannot donate bloods.
  4. It’s not painful, it’s only a prick and then a bigger prick.haha.
  5. It’s satisfying to see all that blood and know that someday it will help someone, might help save a life. This realisation has had a huge impact on me.

I’m the universal donor O+. Have you ever donated blood? What was your first experience like? 


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