My classes at college have officially begun and it’s getting crazier everyday. Assignments are already being handed out, the teachers are rushing, the commotion is rising, and I, well let’s say I am trying to juggle it all right now.

So today, during the English lecture, we were reading An Ode To Solitude by Alexander Pope. Being a neoclassical poet, each stanza had a pair of couplets. Right after the second stanza, where Pope is explaining how his basic needs are met- the professor asks us to write three lines, as to what kind of life we envision for ourselves. Three things.

He did say it had to rhyme, and my heart just started beating so fast, and I got so anxious thinking… Gosh I have to rhyme words now, and I don’t even know what the three things are, okay happiness, then what, being content? Doesn’t that just mean being happy at the end of the day? Hmm yeah, how about strong? Okay and the time was up.

Do you’ll know what I wrote, gosh it’s well, senseless. But here is what I scribbled onto the paper,

I would want to live happy life,

To get through all the rough patches,

Yet,still be content at the end of the day.

My friend, just wrote three words like vibrant and this that. I hid my face though, because look at those three lines. An adult still clueless about how my future looks like. Something similar happened during the Psychology lecture too, ma’am was asking us about whose interested in which field and she began, listing various fields and hands in the class kept going up and down. Mine didn’t,they were stationary.

She then went on to ask, who hasn’t decided what they’d like to major in? Or doesn’t know their interests? GUESS WHOSE HAND WENT UP, mine. My classmates laughed, but the teacher shut them up saying Atleast she’s honest. I did look at them and say AH HA!!

This happened today too, the new professor was asking us what we have decided to major in, and I said I haven’t when the class was asked who is still clueless , and guess what he said. He looks at the class and says, if you’ll are so sure of what your future looks like, why don’t we give you your degree now itself? How can one be so sure though? It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also good to explore and decide, he reassured.

Well, my main point here is, I still can’t figure out what the three main things about my future life are.. What could it be, happiness? Luxury? Strength? I have no clue. Although, one thing that I want to be for sure, is 1)Happy. Maybe i will figure out the other two, on my way while journeying through life.

What kind of life would you like to lead in the future? What would your three main qualities be? Please enlighten me, it might just help me get some clarity too.


3 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. I want to live a life of passion
    And also be happy to a fashion
    Perhaps I also want a little peace
    And may my kindness never cease

    I know this is four! but I really suck at rhyming so this was (for now) the best I could muster.


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