Hormone Talk•2

I’ve often noticed, when I get attached to people, they always seem to drift away eventually. Be it, a few weeks- months or even years, people leave.

And the number of times I’ve been taunted for not having one permanent friend, is innumerable. It has become a little joke now. I don’t think it would be right if I said, everyone left,no. Some I just cut contact with, some I let go, some stopped trying to make an effort to break this wall.

Now, considering this fear of attachment and liking somebody, is a very very risky thing. I realised that from my past relationship, where communication was just nonexistent. Heck, what if it’s not even the kind of liking that leads to a relationship? Then what?

That’s when you realise, you’re on a hormone high. The guy I liked asked me, what I meant when I said I like him. What did I mean? Did I want a relationship? No or. Maybe I just liked him. Gosh, it felt so odd telling him, it’s only a fondness of sorts.

But then, he said he felt the same, that we wasn’t looking for a relationship either. I liked how mutually understood this bit of our conversation was.

My point is, fellow humans that often we’re overcome by our emotions- hormones and I’d suggest you can always be adventurous and experience the thrill while doing bungee jumping or something. Not by expressing your hormonal hahaha feelings, not but seriously. Unless you’re absolutely sure about your feelings don’t go looking for adventure even though it is out there!

Let time do it’s thing, while you, are just enjoying the moment- the present. Don’t rush it, don’t sweat it either, just embrace it.


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