Hormone Talk

So this is going to be little long but I honestly need you guys to listen to thiss.

Well, there’s this guy I think I like, or like like. And it’s been a while. Quite a while. I’ve known him for hmmm, couple of years now. But we started speaking abouuut a year ago? Or maybe more. Anyway,so I like him right, and we’ve even met a couple of times. I was texting him last night, and we were talking about music and Demi lovato’s new songg! Have you’ll heard it yet?

Then he says that he doesn’t know what I like, and goes on to ask What do you like? Music wise. I honestly contemplated so much about saying You. But then I’ve never been so spontaneous, so I texted my sister in hopes of getting some encouragement or something. She was sleeping. Can you believe it.

So I tried so subtly change the topic, but then I figured, LET’S JUST GIVE IT A SHOT. I replied saying, a little of everything, ranging from you to peanut butter. I honestly just wanted to go offline and sleep. I was so scared and embarrassed and everything else one feels in this situation!

I’m a smart person no, so I sent a another string of texts to help distract him from the actual text. I really thought it worked, he didn’t know I like peanut butter and said that’s new. Then some other topic came along and I was partly sad that he just let it be but also partly relieved because I won’t have to deal with anymore embarrassment. But oh, who am I kidding! He said wait, what?

Then to confirm, he asks me, You like me? Hahah I’m seriously telling you guys, never I repeat never let your hormones do the talking. And I don’t know what came over me, I said yes. I had the blanket up till my face because that’s how embarrassed I was.

Now, before I go on. Little backstory: he like me, apparently really liked me about three years ago. But we didn’t even know each other that well back then and I told him the feeling isn’t reciprocated, not so bluntly, but you get the gist.

Gosh anyway, so he asked me if I had any idea how much he liked me back then, and I being the shallow human I am asked, no, how much? Then he went on to say how I told him off and he remembers the exact response I gave him.

I felt bad, obviously. And said sorry. Now as much as I would have liked to have some romantic and fancy way of telling the person I like, that I like them or vis a vis, I’ve come to terms that reality is not half as close to movies and books. It’s all rainbows and unicorns in the fictional world but then it’s almost like White walkers and darkness in reality. do you’ll get the reference??

Moving on, I openly told him I’m scared. And he asks me, Scared about what, Natasha? then says, Talk to me. Ahhh. I honestly told him, that I’ve had a lot of people come and go, but I’d like for him to be permanent. He said, not to worry, he’ll forever annoy me. He found the whole thing very amusing and repeatedly kept confirming if it’s a prank. It wasn’t!!!

update I just re-read the messages and he did tell me, Its not that I don’t like you,but just not as much as I used to. hmmmm, so it’s not a no right? But it’s also not ayes right? Huh.

P.s– now I’d like to keep you’ll hanging here, haha. I’m kidding, please look out for Hormone Talk pt. 2.
I should work in advertising even the radio station for that matter. Stay tuned, haha. I have no hopes though.


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