Everything Everything

Well, my nose is flowing like Niagara falls and my head hurts and my eyes are watering. It’s a cold ladies and gentlemen.

I had a super bad itchy sensation in my throat day before yesterday and there’s an instant home remedy for it. That I just thought I’d share with you guys!
So this magical little mix, only contains ginger juice and honey.

You grate a little ginger, squeeze the juice on a spoon, add little honey to it and just swallow it in one go. If your throat was as bad as mine was, it’s going to burn. It’s normal, do not worry. That indicates the remedy is working fine. Within minutes, your throat should be back to normal.

Currently,my throat is fine. I’ve been chatting away since yesterday but my nose doesn’t wish to give in. I don’t want to take tablets this time around. I do use Eucalyptus oil though, rubbing it on the soles of the feet,chest and back helps! Even Vix is great.

It’s summer where I’m staying, but it rained so heavily today, and I drank hot coffee. My coffee was stronger than Khal Drogo,you guys. There was also lot of thunder and lightening.


Thunder reminds me, have you heard of the latest Imagine Dragons song, Thunder?? I love it.

I did crave ice cream today. So I did a little research on it, and apparently even though the ice cream can numb throat ache, the sugar can weaken the immune system. It has its pros and cons.

Intense exercise is also not adviced. Especially when you’re muscles feel fatigued or you have a fever. I didn’t feel like doing anything today though. I did catch up with Riverdale!!! What a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for season two. Everything is going to come out next year, even the season two of Thirteen Reasons Why and it’s only May. It’s unfair to keep us waiting!
I’m also looking forward to Game Of Thrones releasing!! Winter is here everybody. It has arrived.


How has your day been so far?? What TV show do you thoroughly enjoy watching lately? 🙂


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