Fruitful Changes

I used to be a couch potato, still am  occasionlly.I went through this binge eating phase for a good two years. It wasn’t until I noticed none of the clothes in my wardrobe fit me that it dawned on me. Something had to be done.

I used to be fat shamed by my friends all the time. Even my relatives. Everybody seemed to care about my body..everybody except me.
I could go to the gym? Social anxiety.I could go jogging or running? Boring.. I could go on a diet? What about my delicious pizzas then? No way. Thankfully, I came across Popsugar on YouTube.

Popsugar is actually an online magazine, they have their own beauty/food/news and fitness channel on YouTube. A variety of workouts all that can be done at home. No equipment necessary and there are variations for each level- be it beginner/ intermediate/ advanced. They have guest trainers often and new routines. I remember doing a Victoria’s Secret models workout and it wasn’t easy.

One day, a workout video featured a   Blogilates instructor called Cassey Ho. The workout was fun, yet challenging. I checked out her channel immediately and found loads of fun workout videos. But the best part of it all, was that she has a Monthly calendar. A workout calendar that you can access just by signing up for the newsletter on her website. Now honestly, I thought I was being fooled. I used to do a random video each day, until I got confused and decided to sign up for the newsletter.

Trust me, it’s the best thing to have happened to me. I get a workout calendar every month, all I need is some dedication, a yoga mat and an internet connection, obviously. And it’s all for FREE. no social anxiety, no dieting. In the comfort of my home, I began working out diligently.

I’m not going to lie to you, I honestly started working out because I wanted to fit into my old jeans. That was my only goal. But it was about six months later, that I realised working out, made me feel at peace. I looked forward to working out everyday. It became more for my inner peace than looks.

It’s been about a few weeks since I’ve began doing Yoga as well. I want to get flexible!Yoga with Adrienne  on YouTube is my favourite channel for various types of yoga videos. It’s peaceful and calming.Psyche Truth is another one of my favourite yoga channels on YouTube.

It’s been about a year since I’ve started taking care of my health seriously, both physical and mental! I’ve changed as a person. Today I realised how conscious I’ve become of the things I’m eating as well. I wanted to make an apple milkshake but the apple wasn’t very sweet, I added a few almonds and took out the box of sugar. Then I realised, there was an overripe banana, I added that instead of the sugar and my smoothie was delicious.

It’s all just a matter of time. My goals have changed from fitting into my old jean to becoming more flexible. There’s this intrinsic satisfaction,that motivates you when you’re able to master several different poses. I can’t deny the fact that I look forward to having sore muscles the next day. I know changes are happening and changes for the better and I for one I’m thoroughly loving this journey. It has also taught me a lot about being patient and to just go with the flow.

Tiny lifestyle changes that can help make your future better, are a must. I firmly believe investing in yourself by incorporating any form of exercise is not only helpful but also fruitful in the long run.


6 thoughts on “Fruitful Changes

  1. The trick is to find something that you like. I did waste some money on things that I stopped doing after a few months.The only form of exercise that I consistently do at home is bouncing on a mini-trampoline. For years, I’ve been bouncing 5 days a week and always enjoy it.


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