Thirteen Reasons Why

Everyone has been talking about this lately, it’s all over social media- Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s a tv show that’s Netflix exclusive and is based off a book by Jay Asher.

Thirteen Reasons why is about Hannah Baker, a 17 year old, who commits suicide but instead of leaving a suicide  note- she leaves 13 reasons she’s recorded on tapes. Each reason, that led her to commit suicide.
Now, the tapes need to be passed on to each person mentioned in her tapes. One after the other, it goes around- they can’t not listen to them because there is another copy lying with an acquaintance of hers, waiting to be released to the world.

First things first, the show is addictive. You cannot just watch one episode and chill. Your mind is constantly trying to figure out what happens next, or that’s how it was for me. The actors did their roles brilliantly. Clay- who is the second lead is a type of person we all need in our lives. Humble- straightforward and fighting for justice.

Though the  show’s main focus is on bullying. It is so insightful. It teaches you to be courageous, that people come and go, it’s a part and parcel of life. More importantly, to be honest.You often see bullying or may have been the victim or even the assailant for that matter. This show’s take on bullying, is emotionally and mentally taxing. It makes you feel grateful for not having to go through such extreme circumstances.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and it also introduced me to my current favourite song – The night we met by Lord Huron. I cannot stop listening to this. It’s been about three days now, and it’s still on repeat.

This show is a must watch for people of all age groups. For teenagers, to learn things from Hannah’s experiences, to be cautious. For adults, to know about the dangers and extreme cases of bullying out there. And for you and me, to learn to be a better person, a better listener and an even better friend.

Have you watched this show yet? How did you like it?


2 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why

  1. OMG that song has been on repeat ever since I watched 13RW. It took me a week to finish, btw. Both the book and the TV series are so lovely. It just kinda bums me out that the world turned “Welcome to your tape” a meme, when it’s actually supposed to give you chills.


    1. Did you like the book more or the show?? I know right. And some of them are even making fun of it, because nobody uses walkmans anymore but they don’t realise the book was published in 2007!! 🙈


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