I was never an avid reader nor writer. That was about three years ago. Circumstances changed things. I needed a way to channelise all these bottled up emotions and so it began- the journey of falling in love with words and metaphors. There’s just this satisfaction when you rhyme words perfectly, all the nitty-gritty of writing felt calming.

There was this one phase, where it just felt like nobody understood what I was trying to convey. I needed someone to understand. I had severe mood swings for almost a year. There’d be days where I can be the most chirpy person you’d come across, others I wouldn’t even say a word. I tried all the fake smiling, blah blah. Though at the end of the day, my mood swings is what cost me lot of relationships. Important people left and the worst part? I let them go.

Yet today, when I look back that phase has taught me so much. Fast forward two years later, I’m a much calmer person. Yes, I do have my occasional share of mood swings but it’s not as frequent. I smile more openly, and I have friends I cherish. I even write more frequently, makes all the little things seem meaningful.

There is regret and pain, of all the past wounds but they’re fading slowly as I’m evolving gradually into a better human being. The sole reason for all this positivity  is because I realised words keep you sane. They’re a blessing. For me, it’s like a token of gratification for those times of pain and grief.

What inspired you to start writing? 🙂

In response to today’s prompt by the daily post.


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