Well. That’s 20 down the drain.

Well, let’s see,I  have my final exams going on, and I today I had my psychology paper. The subject I’m thinking of majoring in. We’re basically studying about motivation, learning, personality, intelligence and memory this semester. It is super intriguing!

The first half of my paper went well but when I reached the last question, I got confused with the answer. The question was for 20 marks. Can you believe it! I sat there contemplating for good five minutes as to which of the two options in my head would be the right answer. Time was running out, and so was my patience, I decided to just go with one.

I submitted the paper, walked out and I was so anxious. On one hand I didn’t want to know what the right answer was because the paper was over and there isn’t anything I could possibly do about it. But on the other hand, 20 marks, it was eating me up inside. I opened the text, it didn’t have what I was looking for. Then I got home and checked again, well, let’s just say I’m going lose 20 out of a 60 mark paper, unless some miracle takes place.

Surprisingly this other friend of mine also did the same blunder and she’s freaking out. I’m telling her to calm down and this that, when I myself I’m so full of anxiety as to will I pass? Will I get a backlog? Will I be able to major in psychology?

There isn’t any answer for the these questions above. Nothing. All I have is hope and I should probably study well for the next exam. To make up for this blunder.

Come to think of it, every setback is not a failure. There are many more chances to help achieve that final goal, you’ve just got to find that inner passion and motivate yourself. Ultimately it’s your dream, and only you can fulfill it! Be your own champion!


7 thoughts on “Well. That’s 20 down the drain.

  1. I hope you don’t lose the marks, but if you do, I like your positive attitude. Every ‘mistake’ is just a short pause on the road to success and, as long as we learn something from them, they are always worth making. Good luck 😊

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      1. Thanks for asking. I’m majoring in Communications. Obviously, I love to talk and share, and really hope that my studies channel those desires effectively. What about yourself?


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