I’m sat here this morning,
Wondering what was happening,
Last night when you were asleep,
Did you really not breathe-
For those two seconds,
Did you.. leave?

But then I whispered your name,
Not once, but thrice,
I shook you awake,
With all my might,
And when your eyes opened,
I think I felt.. relieved.

I’m recalling all of this,
Still trying to comprehend if it was
A dream.. or reality?
What am I to do when this happens?
For real someday, who am I to call-
What am i to do, I’m wondering.

Yet here you are, laughing-
Telling me what to do with your jewelry,
If god forbid this happens,
Assuring me you’ll live for two more decades,
That I needn’t have to worry..Yet.


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