Me Before You

It’s never too late to write a review, is it?
I just finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

The story is simple yet different. You start reading about Louisa’s adventures and Will’s unwillingness to express himself, thinking they’ll get along eventually. And they do.

Seeing how Louisa is nearing thirty and still hasn’t decided what she’s passionate about, helps the younger generation like me,who still don’t know what their passion is. It helps you understand that someday  we will find our true passion- it all takes time.

But plot twist, Will has only six months to live, before he gets euthanised. Louisa has to change his mind- stop him. So, one ends up reading until the end to find out if he really kills himself.

The novel is enjoyable, it has its moments of empathy, love and even frustration. What probably makes it stand out is how it ends. Do they get a happy ending? That is for you to read and find out.

Me Before You has a movie adaptation as well.I haven’t watched it yet, but will it live up to the novel? I don’t know. The novel also has a sequel- After you. I did have a sneak peek at the first chapter and for some reason, I feel it’s just going be Louisa experiencing Will’s pain.

Then again, if you’re looking for a good romcom to read currently- this is the one. Go for it, get your tissue box, and dive deep into this beautiful story to feel different emotions, gain perspective and just learn to live life to its fullest.



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