Flying Solo

For the past two days, my friends haven’t been attending college, because they had only two lectures whilst I had three.

I recently watched this Korean show called Drinking Solo, wherein after a long tiring day at work, this man enjoys his dinner, and drinks solo. To explain his desire of wanting to drink solo, he says: Why don’t I drink with my co-workers? It’s because I much prefer drinking alone.Why do I like drinking alone? I like it because… I don’t have to feel forced to drink when I drink alone. I can enjoy my drinks at my own pace… I also don’t have to listen to things that I don’t want to hear… I don’t have to put on a fake smile and waste my emotional energy… Plus, I don’t have to bend over backwards to get on someone’s good side. Drinking solo allows me time to solely focus on myself. It’s such a healing experience, that’s why I love drinking by myself.

And so, when I went to college and thought I’d feel like a loner, I thought of this. Why can’t I apply this little philosophy of being solo and enjoy college just the same? So, I did. I thought of how I don’t have to be forced to bunk a lecture when I don’t want to and so on.

You won’t believe it, but I was boosted with so much of confidence for these two days, that I didn’t actually feel like a loner, not even once, no. I got through the lectures smoothly, interacted with the people sitting next to me, paid attention and had a good time!

I guess it’s just all about how we perceive the situation to be. A little thing can be made into a huge deal just by overthinking it. So, my advice is just embrace the situation- good or bad. All a learning experience. The power is in your hands- you can either be in a positive place or a negative one. It is all up to you and you alone.



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