“And look at you sitting on the couch and not doing anything.” she said. 

Because I don’t know what I’m passionate about yet. I know I like writing, but I’m not very good at it. I enjoy listening to music but I can’t sing like Adele or make music like Avicii. I like watching movies but I can’t act at all. I enjoy playing basketball but it’s been months since I’ve been on the court. 

I cannot draw or sketch. I like capturing moments but I don’t own a fancy camera. So you see, there are things I like doing yet nothing that I’m good at. Nothing, and I feel useless. When am I ever going to know what I’m good at, what I truly am passionate about? I don’t know.

I feel like Nemo. Lost. Lost amongst these decisions, situations and people. Not knowing what to do. Just being clueless. I keep telling myself that destiny will show me the way. But it feels like we’re en route to nowhere. 

Maybe someday, I’ll know. Someday I’ll have all the answers but until then I’m going to enjoy being lost and useless. Aye.


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