Happily ever after

So I’ve been reading a lot of Judith McNaught novels lately. Her debut novel,

Whitney,My Love is a historic love story. And I despise love stories, because they all have the same happy and sappy ending. The predictable kind.

But this book, oh it’s a book that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from anger to joy. And I loved it. The other day, I started reading Paradise- another one of her novels.

I’ll make it six
million. If you’ll go to bed with me tonight,” he continued, losing himself in the scent of her perfume and the softness of her skin, her cheek to the corner of her lips, “I’ll do much better than that.”I’ll give you the world. But if you’ll move in with me,” he paused.

Six million dollars and the whole world!” she said in a slightly shaky voice. “What else could you possibly give me if I move in with you?”

Paradise.” He said.

Then she resigns her job and comes to meet him and asks him if he’d like to accompany her on her trip. Her trip to Paradise!!!

And I must admit, maybe love stories aren’t that bad after all. Sure, they sometimes give you false hope about happily ever afters, but books like these, that portray the ups and downs of the relationship making the reader wonder if they’ll end up together in the end, are the sort of books that make us crave for these realistic fairytales. Making us crave for our happily ever after.

What is the book you’re currently reading?:)


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