Virtual world Vs The Real World

A year and a half ago, during my summer vacations, I came across wattpad via word of mouth. I enjoyed reading stories, talking to people, and writing a few myself! All in all, I got addicted. I would sit for hours in front of the computer, reading, writing, chatting with strangers across the globe. I stopped stepping out of the house for a month. I didn’t converse with anybody other than the people online.

But slowly, as the vacations were nearing the end, people started leaving, saying it’s time to get serious, that they enjoyed talking to everyone in the cafe but I was still there, getting sucked into the internet. A world full of strangers- some good, some bad and some creepy people.

As the days flew by, a few people wanted to keep in touch, so we all made a Kik account and started conversing. It was great. We eventually, became more open about who we are, where we stay, and most of all if we’re real people. OnE friend who claimed to be a boy on Wattpad turned out to be a girl on Kik, I was amused and surprised. Most of all, I was taken aback because even though  it was only one person who deceived herself, there could be a million others out there.

Although eventually, I started realizing that most of them referred to people they spoke to other than on the internet, as the real people, living in the real world. Often, I felt offended because heck, we’re human beings too, we live in the same planet and breathe in Oxygen juts like you do, only living in different continents and cities doesn’t classify us as aliens. That’s when I realised it was no point, trying to make small talk when you’re not a part of their so called real world, or real friends. I figured I was always going to be someone off the internet,who was only an online friend.


But when the last year of high school came, I realised I had to be a little mature and start getting serious if I wanted to fulfill all the things I had on my bucket list. And so thank the gods, I started getting detached from the virtual world and met up with all the people I had ignored and apologized profoundly for my lack of presence.

So school started, I got busy with exams, and other activities. I kept logging in to  Kik on and off, speaking to a handful of people I had met on wattpad. Life went on, we wished each other on our birthdays, spoke about things ranging from utterly stupid to utterly deep. It was fun. But when the finals drew closer, I started getting even more serious, and studied and studied, ignoring the virtual and real world all together.

Few weeks ago, My summer vacations started. And? I got back on Kik, got in touch with everyone, including the real world. We spoke about varied things, and I felt that the frustration of being an online friend had started fading because we spoke about what if we all meet someday, what if we can all skype someday, and a whole string full of what-ifs that didn’t seem impossible.

Honestly though, why are we people of the internet classified as just online friends? Why are we always kept as a secret in your so called real world? Because what if your online friend really does see a friend in you, and thinks about a friendship that can blossom but everytime you keep stepping on the soil, blocking out the sunlight and just killing the plant a little everyday?


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