And her lips curl upwards.

She’s finally moving on. She’s letting go of all those minor frustrations and learning to accept the realities of the outside world.

She’s a little more grateful for each day and to the people around her. She cherishes the days, because she’s learnt how precious time is.

She’s started thinking about her future, she may not have a fool proof plan yet, but heck, doesn’t it all starts with an outline?

She’s coming out of her comfort zone and socialising a little more. Those hugs that she despised? She’s starting to like them now. She feels a different sort of comfort whilst hugging someone.

She’s stopped thinking about the past and regretting things, instead she’s learnt to search for a little bit of sunshine during those cloudy days. She’s taken every incident in a positive way, that helps teach her a lesson.

She’s started to be comfortable in her own skin. Tuning out the negative comments by people, has helped alter her perception. She’s working towards having a fit body. Working, working.

This is she. A girl whose lips curl upwards these days more often than anything else. And she is happy.


9 thoughts on “And her lips curl upwards.

  1. Hey Natasha, I need some help from you. There is a girl who says to me she is lying in a pit of darkness and I want to help her. But she doesn’t tell me anything about it. She doesn’t want to tell me. While I sit and wait for her to tell me the whole matter, she sulks and is depressed. Any help


    1. Hey Mayank, maybe she thinks she’ll be burdening you with her problems, and that’s why she isn’t opening up, that’s also why she’s got this wall built around her. You need to let her know how much she matters to you, and that her problems are not burdening you whatsoever, you’ve got to be patient and often remind her you’re there for her, and will always be no matter what. It’ll take a while though, took me a while too. I hope I’ve helped, and also that your friend opens up to you. 🙂

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  2. Yeah I have been doing all this but you sure gave me motivation to go on persisting and showing her that I will be there no matter what. I thank you Natasha.

    And I hope she comes around and opens up to me. Thanks again.


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