Revisiting the past.

Whilst being on a cleaning spree, I came across my old diary. A diary I penned in for almost three years. I was only 13 years old then.

I wasn’t quite intrigued by the thought of skimming thorough the pages, but then I figured, it could no harm. And so it began, one page after the other, reading about crushes, happy and sad times, lost Friendships, fights, arguments- it was all there.


I grinned through it all, because of the naivety that the pages portrayed. I even made resolutions back then, stuck to none. But thinking of those years, got me thinking as to how I’ve actually grown up.

Eventually, when I reached the last entry, it read

I don’t need a diary to pen down my thoughts because I have friends to listen to me. I want to start this year afresh.

Thus, biding farewell in the last entry.

Reading it all now, makes me realise I’m back to square one, where writing it all down helps. Where I look forward to the comfort of words and phrases rather than shoulders and friends.

Maybe things might change, the future might have friends awaiting my presence. But for now, I’m back to being the girl, I was three years ago with a touch of maturity.


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