Loneliness is consuming me. I can’t seem to have a decent conversation with anyone these days.I’m at loss of words.

Initially, I figured it’d be alright. I mean, everyone has a life and I have one too, just a little too lonely though. I have a strong feeling I’m going back to my shell, I’m letting this loneliness consume me.

I thought I could enjoy the peace and quiet but I can’t. Everyone’s dealing with their own set of problems, this one friend of mine has boyfriend problems going on, so she’s moody and I don’t seem to have the patience for that.

Even though, being by myself is great. I just.. Want to feel wanted-loved. I want to feel like I matter. Now, I don’t know if these are my hormones speaking or for once, I’m actually letting the façade go.

Why does life have to be so complicated all the time? One moment I’m happy and content with everything, the next I just feel lost. Lost amongst this huge sea of people, and it’s not a great feeling.


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