A feeling so blissful.

“Stop opening up to people, so much. You always get attached, and they always hurt you.” She told me.

That’s when I  realised, all along, it’s been my fault, I’ve opened up to people and then when they left, I always felt like a part of me was being taken away. It scared me.

Although, today when I met this friend of mine, it helped alter my perception on a variety of things. For starters, I don’t need too many friends, when I have a handful that I can trust. Also, I’m not friendless. There are people who I can speak to. It doesn’t matter if I’m the first person texting, no point in being so high and prissy.

Most importantly, to cherish today. Life is very unpredictable. I needn’t have to worry about a tomorrow that is not certain.


Today,now, at this very moment, I feel a different kind of happiness. Not the one I usually feel when something really great happens but this inner happiness. A feeling of contentment.A feeling so blissful, that I myself feel thankful for the littlest of things that have happened so far.


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