Hi Dad.

Whilst strolling in the park, the dark clouds gathered, and the lightening began. It started to get really dark even though it was only 6:30pm. Amongst the dark shadows on her way home, she saw a man, who just stood out compared to the others rushing home on the street.A man who was tall, looked to be in his early fifties, dressed like a perfect gentleman- that’s when she realized, she’d been looking at her father, not just any man, but her very own father.

She hadn’t seem him for years, and as soon she recognized him, she ran towards him. Hugged him like it was the last hug they’d ever share. He kissed her forehead, and looked at his daughter with nostalgic eyes, recollecting the day he left without any assurance, without a goodbye.

Tears rolled down their cheeks, but the happiness each one felt couldn’t be put into words. He took notice of her haircut,  her long beautiful hair was all gone, she adorned a pixie cut, the change in her voice, but beside it all, he noticed the sadness in her eyes, even though her lips smiled.

She couldn’t believe it was him, she held on to his hand-not wanting to let go. They reminisced about the moments each one had missed. Spoke about family, life, college, the future, as they headed home.

As they walked down the streets, coming across familiar faces, they reached the house. The father hesitated, he stood just ten feet in front of the door and another lightening struck.

“What’s wrong dad? Let’s go in.” she said.

“I.. i can’t little 474a0972716b73a76e77ec816302f86eone. It’s not my place to be. I came to see you and only you.” said the father, taking a step back.

“But dad-”

“I want you to know, that you’re a strong girl. I couldn’t be any prouder. You’re going to grow into a fine woman one day. You’re going to have to get through life from this moment on.. without me, my dear. I’ll  be by your side, not physically but mentally. Always remember that. I love you.” said the father, slowing fading back into the darkness.

Before she could reply, her alarm went off. After years of weeping and wishing to speak to her father one last time, this one chance that she had gotten, seemed to be the last one because her father had died three years ago.


The Daily Post, March 7, 2016, Daily Prompt: Sentimental~Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.





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