Being the Ambivert.

You won’t have long lasting friendships with this attitude of yours.” She told me one day.

But I’m an Ambivert, I thought.

An Ambivert is a person whose personality varies depending on the people he/she is surrounded by. For example, when the person is with someone in authority, he’s an introvert and with friends an extrovert.

Isn’t it amusing how, throughout our life we live through these three personality trait theories? I find it rather interesting.

With people who I’m really close to, I’m an extrovert, and with acquaintances a biiiig introvert. So many times, people have said that I have a lot of attitude, a little did they know that I like speaking only when I know the person really well. Not that I’m rude otherwise.

Maybe I come across as rude. Now that is a possibility. Although, I cannot change this personality trait theory. It stands true in my case.

What about you? Are you an Introvert? An Extrovert? Or an Ambivert? 🙂


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