Too late

I’ve been thinking about you for a little over three weeks now, and maybe now is the time to stop.

As they always say, it’s better late than never, I’m sorry for pushing you away and then pulling you back. Today I realised, what an mean insensitive person I’ve been towards you.

All of it, is partially my fault. I have the fear of getting attached to people, no idea what the fancy word for that is. But it’s mostly just the fear. I’ve started building walls, shutting people out, and just spending time with myself.Maybe it’s a mixture of sadness and all the other possible emotions one can express.

But that’s not the point. The point is, I’ve hurt you twice and l don’t want to risk doing that again. I’ve been heartless and I regret it all. Things shouldn’t have turned out like this.


But it’s too late now. Too late for apologies, too late to bring up the past, too late for a possibility of you and I.


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