I finally gathered all the courage, and contacted him. I was so scared nervous. What If he doesn’t reply? Gosh.

But he replied! And I was grinning and grinning! We spoke about general stuff, his college, my life, vacations, Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscar, just trying to keep the conversation alive.

But we were running out of things to say. We spoke about how he topped in French, and I ended saying, Yeah, after the hmm, great. That was pretty much the end of the conversation, I’m guessing.


He hasn’t replied yet, I don’t think he will. I thought it was a little too soon to ask him about his earlier phone number. We didn’t talk about our personal lives, I wonder if he has a girlfriend. God, I hope not.

Buuut the good news is, I finally contacted him, and things went rather smoothly. It felt nice to catch up, after all the unexpected missing.


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