The excitement.

I’m going to be a free bird in four days! And with all the excitement, the fact that I have to answer three more papers has been slipping out of my mind.

There’s one tomorrow and one day after. It’s one after the other!(that rhymed!) And gosh, I’m sitting here trying to calm down. The stress is getting to me.

My mum’s lost all hope of me getting into a good college, because according to her, I just watch tv and sit with my phone all day.(not true! No! I study!) At least I think I do. Shhh.

And the best or the worst,how about… The borst part( yes people of the internet, I created a word.) the exam that’s tomorrow, is Political Science and my teacher has such high expectations. Like sky high expectations. It’s going to be so devastating if I can’t keep up to them.

If only I hadn’t spent most of today watching PewDiePie and Pointlessblog or Tyler Oakley being British.

Oops, lost track. But I better start with the revision. I’m counting on all the luck I have for these three papers. Ciao.


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