Time heals things, they say. But does it really?

It’s been a little over a year, and yet here I am thinking about you everyday. Trying to convince myself I’ve moved on, but no. My heart still lies there,right there with you.

Although, what really hurts- is how you act as though everything is fine between the two of us. I like how you sent me a forward wishing me Happy New Year. But did you read the text? It had so many phrases that are contrary to our little fairytale.

The fairytale where you and I were best of friends, inseparable. Remember how you used to always bring something for me, every time you came to meet me?
Be it coming from the gym, or from school. There was always something.


Do you get stuff like that for your new best friends too? I’m curious to know.

If only you knew how much I miss you, maybe you wouldn’t be so ignorant towards me. I don’t want you know how lonely it is, not having someone who understands you. Someone who can read in between the lines and just know what to say, when.

I started letting you go, because I felt I was annoying you. I was becoming a burden. I realised I don’t mean anything to you, like I did earlier. I realised you can’t be my shoulder to cry on anymore because we didn’t have that sort of friendship anymore.

But how can we call our story a fairytale? Isn’t a fairytale where the end is”and they lived happily ever after.” If this is the ending of our story, it isn’t a fairytale. Though, a teeny weeny part of me wishes, that our story has few twists and turns.

For all I know, our paths might cross. Having such a long life to live, and a future so unpredictable. Anything can happen, and maybe our story might get the happy ending, every fairytale has.


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