“Haha,you sure don’t know how to talk to your friends.” She said.

“Maybe that’s the  reason, I don’t have any now.” I  replied with brutal honesty.

She couldn’t believe I said those words. Because its a very rare occasion for me to open up and say things. Eventually, then, the conversation took a turn.

Although, what really stuck with me, is the fact, that I don’t know how to talk to people- how to communicate. There have been instances where a friend pointed out that the way I put things across, comes out rudely. Even though, its unintentional rudeness, but rude all the same to the receiver of the message.

This is where I wonder about all the friends I’ve lost- especially the ones who were like anchors to our friendship boats. It hurts you know, when the realisation hits you after all the years, months or even weeks.

They say, People come and go like seasons, but a handful stay- stay for a lifetime. Until then, I’m going to cherish the seasons.



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