Deep Dark Memories.

Today is one of those days, where a handful of memories won’t leave me alone. They’re clouding my head, and clogging my thought process.

No, not happy and jolly memories but sad and heart breaking ones. Everyday for the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to bury these memories as deep as I can.


But everyday, every damn day I have flashbacks, and then I keep replaying it in my mind. Eventually, I just sit there trying to comprehend this gush of various emotions- anger, hatred, sadness, fear , anxiety. You name it.

It’s in moments like these, that I wish man had invented a time machine. Like the one they show on Doraemon.(it’s a cartoon.) Where people could just go back to the past to mend things, to relive it, to prevent things from happening. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?

I really wonder if 11:11 wishes, birthday wishes, wishing on a shooting star really works. Does it though? Does it really work? For the past year and a half I’ve been wishing for someone to come back who left for this place they call heaven. And till date, no miracle has happened.


3 thoughts on “Deep Dark Memories.

  1. I am sorry for your loss.

    But what would be a great thing to do is think about what they wished, what they wished for you and if you fulfill their wishes, perhaps you can feel a little closer to them. I know its’ not same as having them back, but it’s a start.

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