I rarely converse with people these days. When I’m questioned, I reply with one word answers. There isn’t anything to talk about or maybe no one to talk to.

And the worst of it all is, I was never this way. Never. I liked going out meeting people and most of all talking. I used to talk so much back  then. So much so, that my friends started saying I’m very influential.

But as time passed, moments of silence turned into hours of silence. From someone who had no walls protecting her to someone who has walls that get higher as moments pass.


When my friends are out there partying and meeting new people, I’m alone with my thoughts and books. I find comfort in reading. Two years ago, if someone would have asked me what my favourite novel is, I’d tell them I don’t read. And now, I like the world of fiction more than reality.

Maybe just as the seasons change, I might become a different person again but that’s for the future to tell.


17 thoughts on “Antisocial.

  1. I guess I am really a lost cause.
    I never was very social person, but I used to hang out, on invitation. And the past few years I have spent in solitude that even lonely got bored of me.
    I have a few ( I mean a lot) of novels, yet I procrastinate on reading. The picture says more about me, just perfectly to the very dot.

    I hope that you get to socialize like you did earlier.
    Nice post.
    I mean nice post written about me. 😛


    1. Haha. Maybe lonely got bored because socialising is on its way. You should see the other comic strips by Sarah Anderson, they describe life perfectly! I hope I do too and I hope you start socialising too. 🙂

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      1. Haha.
        I like what you did there.
        But no, lonely just got bored me yet doesn’t leave me. *silent sobs* 😓
        I shall check them out. Thanks. 🙂
        All the best. 😀
        Ah, thanks but introverts don’t have much success there. 😔


      2. Thanks for the kindness.
        Born to be together forever, unfortunately.

        You’re welcome. 😀
        Yeah , last time I tried, I tripped and fell on my face. So, I think it’s not my cuppa coffee. 😓


      3. But as far as you’re content with how your life currently is, I think that’s what matters.
        Hahah. Sorry,I shouldn’t laugh.
        At the end of the day, its your call to be honest. ☺


      1. I believe wishes come true!
        They as in, their real identities. Why do you think no one says this one said this or that one said that, people always say they because none of us know who “they” are.

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      2. Yes. They do.
        Because there are a million people whose wishes have come true. You are / will be one of them.
        So, you see we have you here, who believe in wishes coming true. So when they do, you become one of them who believed and made it possible. It started with you, on a different timeline though, so to speak.

        (Did I make any sense?)

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