The Drop Box.

A few hours ago, when studying seemed to be the last thing on my mind, I watched The Drop Box.

The Drop Box is a documentary released in 2014 directed by Brian Ivie. It portrays a very important issue that the society faces – abandonment. Abandonment of children mostly  infants due to family pressures, shame, or their own selfish reasons.


It’s a wonderful documentary about a Pastor and his family living in Seoul, South Korea,fix a drop box,and take care of abandoned children. This drop box is built by the Pastor himself and every time a child is kept in the box,a bell rings. The anonymity of the person who abandons the child is maintained.

On an average, one child is abandoned every day and kept in the drop box. The police comes and takes the babies for a  health check up and then in search for a foster home. The pastor and his wife take care of 15 such children, few suffering from life threatening diseases including his biological son.  

Although, the views on the drop box and the pastor’s work vary from individual to individual. I, personally feel it’s a great step towards a better society. We need more people like Pastor Lee and his beautiful family in the world.

If I say something more ,then there won’t be any use of you watching the documentary. Please take some time out, and watch this documentary.


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