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Hercules is withering

and my heart is breaking. Hercules is a cactus my friends gifted me for my birthday. They have a specific name for this type, its green with a red bulb on top. first, it was over watered, then I changed the pot, place, but doesn’t look like he will make it.

I have always liked cacti, but have never been allowed to have one at home. Since this was a gift, there was no going back. So I am very sad about my plant right now. Other than that, my exams and holidays are happening next week! I have also been studying like i must, but procrastinating too. The balance is a little hard to find. Also, heard the new BTS song ft Lauv, and all I could think of is, their collaborations and music is just GROWING. I have been thinking of attending one of their concerts soon, maybe I should write that down!

I have a 3 hour class tomorrow, that I am wondering if it is worth attending. The distance- the traffic- the attention, I could go on. Also fell on my knees while trying out this new kpop “jopping” step inspired by the latest band SuperM. My knees hurt but i got the step the second time around. It has been an eventful and extremely social week. OH, I also watched Weathering with you, the latest anime movie. It was super nice! A simple plot but very very wholesome content.

That’s all. I am going to brood over Hercules now. He would have looked like the featured image soon enough.. Hope nothing at your end is withering away!

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Everything is flowing.. going

I met my favorite teacher from college the other day. I was elated thinking she is back here to teach again, turns out she just came to bid farewell to everyone. But we got to chat a little. I updated her on my life, class, everybody. She said i seemed happy. I told her I am content. Everything is flowing, going on at its own pace. There’s no rush.

I am also finally getting a hang of time management. woot woot. I did all my laundry today,phew. I am also almost on top of my assignment submissions. I have long holidays coming up, so I am over the moon altogether hehe. I also have my dance exam coming up, for which i have finally started putting in much more of an effort. I keep thinking of all the time, money and energy that  has gone into these classes, and I don’t want to let myself down. I have also discovered that i have hyper flexible arms. AND that I am more prone to injuries, especially fractures more than anybody. I blame it on my genes!!!

Another thing to look forward to is a concert that is coming up! But before that there are exams I must tend to, notes I must complete and practice. Practice maketh man perfect and content in the long run. OHHH, i forgot, this boy- I am an official adult and all that but in the matters of the heart I still feel like a school girl. Excuse me. Anyway, this boy from class said that he is interested in me. And i ended up doing, what i do best, stir the conversation to a different topic altogether. He called me out on that too. I went off this dating app I was on, because it was disappointing and boring.

In these 70’s movies, the whole concept of falling for someone is so quick. SO smooth too. Plus it’s all a face to face confrontation, no grey area. Nada. While texting someone or over the phone, the same effect isn’t there I feel. Also these days are just zooming past me, they need to chill and take it real slow.

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Nocturnal? Oui.

It is 2am and I think I am having a caffeine rush. I could probably have a stare off with an owl right now. I recently began watching NCIS and where has it been all this while?? I am hooked!!!! I am learning about biology, forensics, everything from these 45 minute episodes.

I wonder if watching too many crime shows makes you analyse every aspect of your life more? That would be a cool research topic though. My post graduate classes are going well so far, it’s assignment season. I am trying to stay afloat. I got bored swiping on this dating app, and now I am fixated on Of course there is someone out there for you. there is someone for each one of us. Being a greek myth geek- ah ha! I also just want to believe we live our life, searching for our other half- literally.

I don’t think this person is making much of an effort in finding me though. So unfortunate. Anyway, other than that there is nothing out of the blue happening. My horoscope suggests I lie low for a while, so i am off to hibernate.

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It’s my anniversaryyyy

No, I am not married haha. Nor am I in any relationship. Turns out it has been 4 years since I began blogging on wordpress. I have not been the most consistent and timely blogger, but I am just here, doing my thing. The blog initially was supposed to be about book/movie reviews, but then life got in the way, and looks like, it’s here to stay.

Who knew blogging could be so therapeutic in it’s own right. I used to draft and redraft blogs, but now, I feel the unfiltered version, the rawness should just be embraced.. but oh well, I am almost done with my assignment and I am elated! A friend is drunk texting me, so I am also amused.

Lately, I have been a lot of things, calm, talkative, content and happy. I also feel taller, is that odd? But anyway, I feel extremely different from the person I can remember, who started the blog 4 years go. I have grown and so has my metaphoric garden. We are all in full bloom, and I hope you are too.


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Okay, Let’s face it.

Few years ago.. my ideals of a relationship were all shaped by the ones I saw around me. One that was possessive, every minute of every day was to be reported. Another, wherein there were just no communication- the concept of space was exaggerated. Or one from the fairy tale I was engrossed in, or I was just looking for my very own Percy Jackson! And mine, a mixture of these along with naivety.

Today.. what constitutes a relationship for me, is not something I see around me. It’s just what comes my way.. probably being a non vegetarian is a definite criteria haha. Other than though, I have come to realize, I don’t want a percy jackson, nor do I want dysfunctional relationships to guide my thought process. My latest mantra is- Live for today, great hopes for tomorrow.

Life is short. Face it, you don’t know how different the next hour of your life is going to be.  So I am sat here.. leaving my assignment and the boy on my mind aside to just assess how my mindset has changed. I’ve been giving people all this advice, not realizing that I myself have been applying it all a little everyday.

Feels like I am concluding some weird motivational talk. But honestly, take everything one step at a time. There is no rush, until you believe there is.


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hiiiii. i am currently cruising through life. My post grad classes are going well, I grew a year older!! I joined a dating app- I know, who would have thought? I also started a baking page on instagram!!! I am famous you guys- 12 followers already haha.

I also got a crazy haircut, that took my circles by storm. But I feel so much more confident, so much more.. me I guess. I honestly, just feel well  content! My sister and I played her newly invented game- feel good time. Wherein, you play a song and then just say things you like about the opposite person back and forth for the duration of the song. Please feel free to have your own spin on it.. We played another game wherein we spoke about things we dislike about the opposite person.. my carefree attitude was subject to question. I can be way toooo nonchalant at times.. which is occasionally good but not all the time. So i aspire to work on that this year.

I am going for a concert soon toooo! so excited!!! Other than that, I went out on a date and it went well!!! I am slipping on all of his buttery chatter!! I have had a lot of firsts these past few weeks, and the new experiences seem to be shaping me in the tiniest ways possible. I am also reading Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller!!! and every time i put the book down, my mind is still back on the beaches outside Troy, in the tent waiting for Achilles to return from the raid- it’s very very difficult to put it down. Her style of writing is fabulous!!! Got my exam schedule today, got to go get this degree!!!

I am learning about so many new and interesting concepts in the cognitive psychology class! did you know mirror neurons cause you to yawn when you see someone else do it? And about how, so many people waste their cognitive resources and repent later in life. If you can do it, do it today. Live for today, great hopes for tomorrow. I humbly request you to please touch allllll the wood you see around you, because I don’t want to face any storms just yet. Here’s wishing you smooth sailing too dear reader.