Let go

Give me one more day- One more hour at the least, I promise to show you, That this life is not worth giving up. Let me atleast give it a shot, And maybe then you can decide, If you want to let go, Or hold on to my hand. But now, all I can do […]

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Everything around me seems to be happening at lightening speed. I mean, in a flash, it’s all there, the solution, the clarity, next second- whoosh, gone. It’s getting uber stressful lately, to handle things whilst trying to be calm. I’m bubbling inside with soooo many things yet I can’t talk to anybody about it. I’m […]

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Left Unsaid

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take the leap. Just give it a shot. Deal with whatever the outcome might be, because at the end of the day, you can still tell yourself you tried. I’ve been preaching a lot of positivity lately, and I figured there are still certain things I want to just sort […]

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Four.. No, a table for three. Not a table for four. No, only three reside here. Not four. No,we were not always this small, We were four in number. Yet today- We are only three. Whilst four is only a distant memory And three, is just reality.

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No urge

There is no urge lately, To hear your voice one last time, Or talk to you one last time , But there is this urge- To hug you, And never let you go. To hold on to you so tight, That heaven seems like- The last thing on your mind, To make you realise, I’m […]

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Hormone Talk•2

I’ve often noticed, when I get attached to people, they always seem to drift away eventually. Be it, a few weeks- months or even years, people leave. And the number of times I’ve been taunted for not having one permanent friend, is innumerable. It has become a little joke now. I don’t think it would […]

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