Free soul

I’m thinking, What should I say- Which thought should I let out? Which Color should the ink be? Do I put in verse or poetry? Should the paper be blank, Or should it be lined, Do I write it or type- With my thoughts refined? Maybe it’ll just be impromptu, Like my life and it’s […]

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Have you ever watched the sun set? That entire one minute where you see it in all its glory in the sky, you see the birds flying, all going home, while the sun just dives slowly back into the sky, eventually leaving no trace of it. As I saw the sun slowly going back into […]

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I’m sat here this morning, Wondering what was happening, Last night when you were asleep, Did you really not breathe- For those two seconds, Did you.. leave? But then I whispered your name, Not once, but thrice, I shook you awake, With all my might, And when your eyes opened, I think I felt.. relieved. […]

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My friends and I had to go trekking on a hill as part of our geography assignment. I’m a lazy person who despises walking long distances, and this trek was three hours long, with steep slopes and loose rocks all along. But the best thing about the whole experience was the view, just nature at […]

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Subway ride

People have come and People have left. Honestly it’s like a subway ride, I know the routes, The timings, The stations, The regulars, Everyday some new face, Yet it’s the same routine. But I hope that, unlike all the stations- I’ve stopped getting off at, I keep getting off at yours, And exploring every inch […]

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beautiful memory

An idiot. That’s what I feel like. I may have met him only twice, once in fifth grade and once last year. Even though we’ve been chatting for months now, and the connection that we once had is lost. Within moments. You don’t know me that well in person, Natasha. And I couldn’t resist and […]

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I don’t want to wither away- Like leaves in autumn. I want to be blooming, Like flowers in spring. Yet I think I’m stuck between, The transition- Of these two seasons. Half of me is withered, While the other half is in full bloom. Oh if I only I knew- How to grow completely, Amongst […]

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