Wein.. aka Vienna, was the last country I visited on my Erasmus programme. Vienna has it’s own charm, my friend believes it’s too perfect. I can’t disagree, the architecture is fascinating and life there, simply exciting. I did lose 8 euros, the machine just didn’t print the ticket and we tired so we just had […]

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What constitutes a blah day

I don’t know I’m having a blah day. That’s the best word I can think of to help describe it. I exercised but I didn’t feel energised after. I woke up early, that didn’t help either. It’s like the time is just passing by and I don’t know what to do. So I read about […]

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Let me fall Let me tumble Allow me to fumble Let me trip Leave my arm I’m tired of this sheltered life I’m tired of my decisions Not being mine I’m sick of being influenced I want to bloom But sow me and let me grow My life doesn’t feel like mine Not even my […]

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Talk to me

Why won’t you talk to me Have one of those Deep and long conversations with me Tell me about your fears While I tell you my dreams Share your sorrows with me Together, let’s overcome everything Talk to me about anything I’ll listen patiently But please, don’t leave me hanging With short conversations That seem […]

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Just until..

There isn’t anything new happening There isn’t any exciting to talk about There’s you and me Our history My family But what about it It’s all been said The topic’s redundant Just like your absence This is my last chance to bloom Autumn is soon approaching Feels like it will stay a while Just until.. […]

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I’m afraid That you’re slipping away Just like the sand in my palms Your memories sweep through my fingers I’m afraid the waves will come And wash you away Maybe occasionally there’ll be a tsunami Where I will remember you completely But after all the reminiscing You will keep coming and going like waves indefinitely […]

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Still 1/10/17.

Guess who missed the flight? So I ask the lady when the next flight is, and she graciously gives me my ticket for free and a seven euro coupon to grab a bite. thank go my mother forced me to pack a t-shirt in the carry on luggage! Then, welcome to..Natasha was having a brilliant […]

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